Using Enemas to Prepare for Anal Sex

One topic that comes up during many discussions of anal sex is that of enemas. There is often a good bit of confusion on the part of those who’re new to anal play as to when an enema is recommended and not, as well as how to go about using them to ensure you accomplish the purpose they’re designed for. With that in mind, let’s spend some time going over the basics. There are a variety of ways enemas can be used in and of themselves to enhance sex play. Those kinds of topics are covered in other, more advanced courses, however.

What is an Enema

An enema is no more than introducing some liquid into the rectum (and perhaps the lower colon) in order to induce an evacuation of its contents. This is quite often done for medicinal or clinical purposes, but can also be done to relieve constipation or to clean out the rectum/colon for a variety of surgical procedures involving the lower abdominal cavity. The same principles are involved in preparation for anal sex – clean out the lower intestines so that there’s nothing in there to get in the way of your fun. That is why you’re here, presumably.

When Should You Use an Enema to Prepare for Anal Sex

As I have mentioned in several of the previous modules, it generally isn’t necessary to use an enema for basic anal sex. As long as you’re healthy, eating a good diet with a moderate amount of fiber in it, and keep yourself hydrated normally, at most you’re just going to have some residue in your rectum. For many this isn’t a problem. But, if you want to take the step to ensure the cleanliness of the experience, an enema is the way to do it.

There are a handful of situations, however, where you may wish to use an enema to clean yourself out. The first is for those of you who’re not regular or who have other situations where the rectum is typically not empty much of the time. You likely will have discovered this through masturbating yourself anally or as a result of having gone through the preparation/training exercise I outlined in the previous module. In these cases, an enema will clean you out so that you can enjoy the butt sex without getting too messy.

The second is where you know you’ll be engaging in what I refer to as “porn anal.” By that, I basically mean just about any of the kind of hard, deep, pounding anal sex you see in many porn videos these days. It also includes any situation where you’re going to be penetrated by multiple cocks over the course of a sexual encounter (such as a gangbang). So, in this case, no enema is needed. In this case, however, you’d want to ensure you’d prepared by cleaning out your rectum.

A third instance would be where you’re going to be getting it from someone with a longer than average cock. If your guy has a 9″ penis, it is go beyond your rectum into your sigmoid colon, where it will encounter some feces unless you clean it out. Another instance might be where you knew you were going to be doing ass-to-mouth oral sex and wanted to ensure the rectum was as devoid of fecal matter to the maximum extent possible (especially important if someone else will be going down on a cock that’s been in your ass).

And then the final example would be where you’ll be doing some depth or other “extreme” anal play, perhaps with a long set of anal beads, a long dildo, or maybe having someone fist you. These will all involve penetration of the sigmoid colon to one degree or another and, as with anal play involving a long penis, there will be some fecal matter involved if you don’t take the appropriate precautions.

How to Give Yourself an Enema

There are two types of enemas that can come into play in these cases. The first is a quick enema (some refer to it as anal douching) – one you do just for a quick cleaning of the rectum for “basic” anal sex. Buy yourself a Fleet Enema package (the 8 oz bottle) at your local drug store, empty it out (they contain laxatives and other chemicals you don’t need in your body unless you’re trying to relieve constipation), refill the bottle with lukewarm water, and administer the enema. You can reuse the bottle if you clean the tip off when you’re done. They also make “anal douche bulbs” for this purpose, though they tend to cost considerably more than a cheap enema bottle. Do not use medicated enemas or those containing any other chemicals or medications that have not been prescribed by a doctor.

To administer the enema, go to your bathroom and fill up your bottle with warm water (about as warm as a baby might get – 100 degrees F or so). Get into a position that is comfortable to you (some stand, some get on their hands and knees, some lie on their sides), reach around and insert the lubed nozzle of the bottle into your anus, and squeeze about half of the bottle’s contents into your rectum. Let it sit in there for a couple of minutes, then sit on the toilet and expel it. Get back into your position, empty the remainder of the bottle’s contents into your asshole, and again, give it a minute or two and let it out. In all cases when you squeeze a bottle into your rectum, be sure you withdraw it before you release the squeeze on the bottle, lest you suck some of your new ass juice right back out into the bottle.

Repeat this cycle another two or three times using the full bottle until the water you expel is clear. This is your indication that you’ve done as much as you can to rid your rectum of fecal material. When you’re done, clean up your bottle and put it away for its next use. The whole process takes about 15 minutes or so.

The second kind is the deep enema. This involves filling the rectum and lower intestines with two quarts or so of warm water to do a deep cleaning of the entire lower sigmoid colon in addition to the rectum. You’ll do this with an enema or douche bag. Generally speaking, a deep enema isn’t necessary for most anal sex. Like I said, though, if you’re going to be getting fucked by someone with a longer than average cock, or it’s going to be some seriously intense pounding (even with a smaller cock, the recto-sigmoid muscle will tend to relax with a lot of physical exertion), this will go a long way towards making the experience cleaner. I have been with one guy who loves to put me face down on the bed and just rail my ass until he cums, so when I know I’m going to be seeing him I’ll do this kind of enema.

Doing this is basically the same as with the bottle, except you have a nozzle that is inserted a good ways into the rectum. Hang the full (1-2 liters of warm water) bottle on a towel rack or something similar, lube up the nozzle, get on your knees, and insert the nozzle about six inches. When you buy these bags, they come with two nozzles. One is designed for women to douche with, the other is designed specifically for enemas. I prefer using the one designed for douching because it doesn’t just spray the water straight in – it kind of disperses it, which helps clean off the walls of the rectum as the water goes in.

Open the valve on it for a few seconds, allowing water to flow into your butt, then stop it and reopen it again after a few seconds. Repeat the cycle until all of the water is drained out of the bag. Once this is done, withdraw the tube, remain in position as long as you feel comfortable, then get up and sit on the toilet. Allow the water to drain out. Since you’ve gotten water way up into your colon, it’ll take some time for all of it to drain out. This will take about 15 minutes to do initially, and then after another 30 minutes or so, you’ll need to revisit the toilet to allow more to drain out. After that second seating, you’ll likely want to follow up with a quick enema to flush out any material remaining in the rectum. Note that you can also use a pH-balanced soap (such as Summer’s Eve or the like) in the water to help increase its efficiency, but this certainly isn’t required.

If you have a partner who’s with you, you might wish to allow him/her to help you with the administration of the enema. This not only has the potential to increase the eroticism of the enema itself, but the intimacy of the entire process itself.

Enema Precautions

Regardless of which type you use, you need to wait for at least 30-60 minutes or so following the enema before you begin penetration. This is because the enema will wash away much of the natural mucous lubrication found in the rectum, and it’ll take a few minutes for it to restore itself. This mucous has two primary functions – it is alkaline, so it helps neutralize the acidic bacteria in the intestines, but it also facilitates movement of feces through the rectum. It does this through coating the rectum so that material can slide on through – this has the added benefit of partially assisting anal penetration (sort of like a lube). The body will also need time to absorb any excess water remaining in the rectum after you evacuate your bowels. This time period is perfect for foreplay and vaginal penetration, and will help reduce the chances of irritation of the bowels as a result of the sexual encounter (which also helps to avoid disease transmission, by the way).

Many recommend that you use distilled water for enemas, avoiding tap water altogether. Since you never know from one city to the next what kind of chemicals (or parasites) might be in the water, this might be a good idea. Of course, most people don’t have bottles of distilled water lying around. You can buy it, or you can boil some water to have on hand for this purpose (letting it cool down before you use it obviously!). Filtered tap water will work as well if the filters remove parasites, bacteria, and chemicals. However, if you live in an area with tap water you know or reasonably believe to be free of contaminants, tap water will work just fine.

Don’t overdo it with the enemas. Doing one every day may end up hurting you rather than helping (through irritation of the butt and hosing up the chemical balance in your lower intestine/rectum, though there is disagreement over what effect this actually has). As a general rule, taking a dump an hour or so before anal, then washing the asshole (including inserting a soapy finger), and rinsing it will suffice for most folks, even without an enema, especially if you don’t mind a bit of residue on the cock. So maybe consider using enemas for special occasions.

And one final point about enemas. For your first time or two, it is quite possible you’ll experience some mild intestinal cramping after the enema, especially if you’re doing the deep cleaning type. This is normal and simply the body’s reaction to this new stuff being pushed into it and some of the mechanical logistics that take place inside your body, all of which is beyond the scope of this particular module. If they become unbearable, simply stop what you’re doing and go sit on the toilet and let gravity do its work.

It should also be noted that laxatives are not enemas, and should not be used in preparation for anal sex. In fact, they will give you loose stools, which typically inhibit anal play in most people.

Once you’ve done your enema and given it a short bit of time for the situation to stabilize in your rectum, you’re ready to bend over, spread those cheeks, and get yourself sodomized.