Swallowing vs. Spitting

Do I swallow, or do I spit? That is the $64,000 question. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when you’re sucking a guy’s dick is whether to let him cum in your mouth or not. And if you do, are you going to swallow his semen, or are you going to spit it out? Literally every time the subject of oral sex on men comes up, the conversation will involve this question. I’ve been in groups of women where we’ve talked about this subject on and off for hours, in fact.

In this module, I am going to explain why, as a slut, you should swallow a man’s cum. As your instructor, I happen to believe this is the best course of action for a variety of reasons, many of which I’ll outline below. But let me add this disclaimer: Regardless of the information presented here, the decision about whether to swallow or not is totally up to you. Period. End of story. If you don’t want to swallow, then don’t do it. I fully understand and respect why some people just can’t go there. The information presented here is designed to provide you with an understanding of why some men prefer you swallow, and how to best manage spitting it out if that’s what you decide to do. I say “manage” because, if you’re going to spit, you need to do it so that you do as little as possible to interrupt the sexiness of the act you’ve just performed.

To be fair, a lot of men aren’t going to care whether you swallow it or not. They’ll be perfectly content with having received the blowjob and what you do with the result is your business. In fact, in most surveys I’ve seen, it almost always runs half and half – half prefer the woman swallows, while the other half couldn’t care less.

Having said that, let’s look at several distinct advantages to swallowing:

  • It’s just cleaner. If you swallow, everything goes right down into your stomach and there’s absolutely nothing to clean up. It couldn’t get any simpler than this.
  • It stays in contact with your tongue for less time, especially if he ejaculates in the back of your mouth. One of the primary reasons many women spit is because they don’t like the taste or the consistency of semen. That’s certainly understandable. However, when you spit, a lot of the semen remains in your mouth and you’ll taste it for a while afterward (unless you drink something to wash the remainder down the hatch). When you swallow, however, your mouth and tongue muscles work to move almost all of the semen down your throat. Unless you get some between your gums and cheeks, you won’t have to deal with the after taste anywhere near as long as if you spit it out.
  • It doesn’t interrupt the flow of the sex act. This is perhaps the single most often cited reason for wanting a woman to swallow. When you stop to find a tissue or get up and run to the bathroom to spit the semen out, it completely interrupts the little moment of intimacy that you’ve built with that person. In other words, it completely kills the sexy.
  • It’s a very intimate act. To one degree or another, swallowing is as much about building a connection with the man you’re blowing as anything else. This is true even if you’re just a one night stand. You say, who builds a connection with a one night stand? You’re having sex with someone, for fuck’s sake. Half of that is the connection you get with the person you’re playing with (the other half is the fun of letting go and enjoying the physical feeling of the sex).
  • It’s a strong psychological thing for him. Spitting out his semen is tantamount to rejecting a part of him in many ways.
  • It demonstrates dedication to and willingness to complete the task. To many, stopping at the conclusion of a blowjob to spit or go to the bathroom is an interruption of the blowjob itself – you’re stopping to do something else. This indicates a lack of willingness to pursue the task at hand through to completion in the eyes of some.
  • The visual just isn’t sexy. You’re sitting there looking for a tissue to spit into, or getting up and running to the bathroom to spit it out. You have to admit, that isn’t the sexiest scene you can think of, right?
  • It can boost your mood. As I mentioned in the module on health and safety, the chemicals in semen can help with depression. That’s according to some science people, and not something I made up, by the way.
  • It boosts your slut cred. I mean, sluts swallow. That’s just one of those precepts that everyone knows….well, that everyone believes, at least. And because it is such a big deal, sluts who swallow may be seen as more sexually desirable than those who don’t by some men.
  • Swallow it, look him in the eyes as you do it, and smile when it’s done. You’ll own his ass.

There are some people who feel that allowing a guy to cum in your mouth and/or swallowing his load is a “domination” or “degrading” kind of thing. This comes largely from people who view semen as “dirty” or “disgusting,” or who view coming in a woman’s mouth as a “pornish” thing (despite the fact that most porn ends with facials these days!). If you have that kind of mindset, it may indeed seem degrading to you. However, I can assure you most men do not see it as a dominating or degrading thing for you to do (though it can be made into that as a part of some forms of sex play – more on that later). Quite the opposite is the case, in fact. Most men see it as a very erotic, loving, intimate thing to do as I indicated above. The main point here, however, is that you should decide for yourself what it represents. Don’t allow the opinions of others to color or influence that.

How to Swallow

Believe it or not, there is a “right way” to swallow semen if you prefer not to get it all over the inside of your mouth. Basically, you let it accumulate on the center flat surface of your tongue to the extent possible. You can do this by holding the head of his cock just inside your lips and jerking him off so that the cum lands on your tongue in that spot (it’ll be harder to do with a guy who shoots pretty strongly). This area has the lowest concentration of taste buds, and those that are there tend to be sensitive to the sweeter tastes. Consequently, you might taste something if it has a kind of sweet taste to it, but otherwise shouldn’t taste much at all. Once he’s finished, fling your head backwards so the semen is thrust back toward the back of your throat (sort of like what you do when you’re trying to swallow a pill) and it’ll slide right down the hatch.

If you learn to deepthroat (instructions in the next module) and can work it so that he cums in the back of your mouth or right down into your throat; you won’t even taste it at all. Either way, if you swallow it quickly, you’ll hardly even know it was there, trust me.

There is one thing you do need to be careful of when you allow a guy to cum in your mouth. As I mentioned in the module on Semen, an ejaculation occurs at around 30 miles per hour. If you happen to have the head of his cock in your mouth such that those first shots shoot straight into the back of your mouth, it might hit some of those areas that trigger your gag reflex, or perhaps even make you start coughing. Either way, that’s gonna make things rather awkward.

When he’s done ejaculating, clean his cock off thoroughly. Don’t leave semen on him. Squeeze the rest of it out as I outlined in the previous module, and lick/suck it off the head of his cock, and then lick up and down the shaft to get any that might have dribbled down from your mouth, especially if you are one of those who continues pumping him into your mouth while he’s ejaculating.

One alternative to allowing him to cum directly into your mouth is to cover him with a condom while you blow him. That way you don’t have to interrupt the blowjob to spit, the condom will catch all of it. Of course, some people hate the taste and smell of condoms more than they do the semen. If you use flavored condoms, though, this might be a viable solution.

If you do object to the taste or consistency, have a glass of water or other drink handy at the bedside before you get started. Once he’s ejaculated, take a quick sip of water. This is far, far less interruptive than getting up and going to the bathroom and so forth. If you’re going to spit it out, have a tissue or a towel at the bed so you don’t have to get up and run to the bathroom. You might likewise have a glass of water or some other drink handy to rinse your mouth out.

Playing With Cum

If you are one of those who doesn’t mind having semen in your mouth, there are a number of things you can do to “play” with it. Some men find this incredibly hot. For example:

  • Dribble it out on your tits, and then lick it back off
  • Open your mouth and show it to him and play with it, blow semen bubbles, drool it out and then suck it back in, gargle with it, etc.
  • If you’re doing a threesome, especially with another female, guys really like watching two women swap semen back and forth
  • You can have him cum into a shot glass or some other container and make a big deal out of drinking it from that

Kissing After Swallowing (Or Spitting for that Matter)

One thing you will likely encounter in your slut escapades is the refusal of some guys to want to kiss you after you’ve had their semen in your mouth. This seems rather hypocritical, and it is for the most part. It’s kind of hard to figure out the rationale of a guy who believes that you should allow him to cum in your mouth and swallow his fluids, yet he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. Some women are offended by that, and that, too, is perfectly acceptable.

Conversely, some guys are into snowballing. Snowballing is where, after he cums in your mouth, you hold it there and then kiss him, exchanging the semen with him or playing with it together whole you kiss. Many guys find this to be incredibly erotic and intimate. Some guys will not react well to such a suggestion, however. Some are merely disgusted at the possibility of having their own semen in their mouths, while others think it has some sort of “gay” stigma associated with it. This despite the fact that the fact your being a female would seem to preclude that possibility.

Just as you should not be averse to the taste of your own juices, so, too, should a guy not be averse to his own. If he reacts with disgust at the possibility of getting his own semen on him or in his mouth, but expects you to do it, you should probably have a conversation with him about why he feels that way. I’m not talking about snowballing necessarily, but if he won’t even kiss you because you’ve had his cock or his semen in your mouth, he’s got some issues that need to be addressed.

Multiple Partners

If you’re involved in a situation where you’ll be swallowing multiple loads of semen, you’ll want to take some precautionary steps. With all of the chemicals in that stuff, the more you get in your stomach, the more nauseated you’re going to get, generally speaking. It will be worse on an empty stomach. Most women can generally swallow a half dozen loads or so before they experience any significant gastrointestinal upsets, though some may get a bit nauseous even with the first. So if you’re going into a blowbang or a gangbang, you’ll definitively want to eat something that contains a good bit of absorbent material – things like bread, crackers, etc. Or you should consider having a supply of crackers around (the less salty the better when you’re going to be swallowing semen), along with a clear soda of some type (Sprite, 7-UP). These will assuage any nausea. Taking a Pepto Bismol tablet prior to or during the event may also provide some relief.