Review of Male Sexual Anatomy

In order to suck a man’s dick effectively, it is essential that you understand some very basic information about the male penis and how it (and the parts around it) works. While it is certainly possible to just stick one in your mouth, bob up and down on it a few times and make it cum, you’ll only be able to do that with inexperienced males. The guys who’ve been around and/or are more wordly are going to want more than that. In fact, they’re going to expect it of anyone who considers themselves a true slut.

Sucking cock is the single most important skill a slut must possess. You will, quite literally, be graded on your ability to suck cock from the very first time you do it. The more you understand about how things work down there for the guys, the better you can perform this task, and the more sexually desirable you become. With that in mind, let’s re-examine some of the basics.

The Basics: Parts and Their Functions

The Penis: The penis, of course, is the central focus of this course. It is the external male sex organ, but also serves as the primary path for the evacuation of urine from the body. When sufficiently stimulated, the penis becomes rigid as the result of blood filling the three large tubes that run the length of the penile shaft. This results in the penis becoming stiffer and elongated, generating what you see as an erection. It is important to note that sexual stimulation is not the only thing that can lead to an erection. Any kind of physical stimulation will generate an erection in most men, as will certain physiological responses not associated with sex. So though it is a prevalent archetype, the fact a man has an erection does not necessarily mean he is sexually aroused and/or wants to have sex.

The head of the penis is known as the glans. The male glans is the homologue of the glans (visible part) of your clitoris (though with only half the nerve endings). In uncircumcised men, the glans is covered with pink, moist tissue called mucosa. Folded over the glans is the foreskin (prepuce). In circumcised men, the foreskin is surgically removed and the mucosa on the glans transforms into dry skin. The frenulum is the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft, while the coronal ridge is the rounded projecting border that surrounds the head. The head and frenulum are the two most sensitive spots on the penis. This is an important fact to keep in mind when you start playing with one a man’s penis.

Circumcision used to be a routine procedure for almost every infant in the United States, but over the past couple of decades this procedure has become somewhat less popular. Therefore, with younger men you are slightly more likely to encounter an uncircumcised penis than you would be with older men. They are basically treated the same way for oral sex with some very minor differences which are discussed in a later module. The following photo shows the difference between the cut and uncut penises.

Circumcised and Uncircumcised Penises

The Scrotum: The scrotum is the little sack beneath the penis that holds the man’s testicles. It is known by a variety of monikers, with the most common being “nut sack” or just “sack,” while the testicles inside it are commonly referred to as “balls.” Many men like having their sacks played with while you’re sucking their cocks, but some don’t. Again, more on this in the following module.

There’s a little muscle in the scrotum that is responsible for adjusting the height of the testicles; it is known as the cremaster muscle. When the sack is exposed to coldness (such as cold water in a pool), the muscle pulls the testicles up closer to the body to keep them warm. When they are exposed to heat, such as on a hot day at the beach, the muscle will relax allowing the sack to hang much lower to get the testicles away from the body. The preferred temperature for sperm production is 95°F, about three degrees cooler than normal body temperature. This is why the testicles are outside and away from the body to begin with. So on warm days it is easier to play with and suck on that wrinkled little sack than it is on the cold days.

Perineum: The perineum is the area of skin between where the scrotum meets the pelvic floor back to the guy’s asshole. This is also commonly referred to as the “taint” (supposedly derived from the saying that “…it ‘taint the nutsack and it ‘taint the asshole). The measure of the distance between the two is known as the anogenital distance. That’ll come in handy in a trivia game at some point, trust me. Beneath the skin of the taint is the prostate gland, which, as you grow more proficient with your cocksucking skills, may become another source of pleasure for the guy you’re playing with. We’ll also discuss this in a future module as well.

Penis Sizes and Shapes

Every single penis you ever encounter in your life will be different from every other penis you see or encounter. No two penises are alike. They are different lengths, different girths (circumferences), different colors, they have different curves to them, they’re surrounded by different amounts of pubic hair, some will be circumcised and others won’t, etc. How they look is largely irrelevant to how you go down on them, however. Obviously, the bigger they are, the harder it will be to get as much of them in your mouth, but the basics of sucking cock apply regardless of what they look like.

The average size of the erect penis is in the 5.5 to 6.3 inch range, depending on which survey you use. Just about every organization that has something to do with human sexuality, from major universities to condom manufacturers, has done their own surveys on the size of these things, and the average “average” is in that range. Some can be as little as three inches long or smaller, while the largest one ever recorded was over thirteen inches. The average girth (circumference) is around 4.5 to 5.0 inches, but range from anywhere around three inches or so up to over six inches. So as you can see, you’re liable to experience quite the range of penises as you move through your life of slutdom.

Showers vs. Growers

One of the more unique aspects of penises is that, not unlike their erect size, even when they’re flaccid they tend to have their own unique shapes and sizes. You will also find that the size of a penis when it is flaccid has no direct bearing on its size when it is erect. A lot of women are shocked at that and are quick to jump to conclusions the first time they see a guy with a tiny, shriveled up penis when he drops his pants and they get their first look at him. But they are often pleasantly surprised when he becomes erect and it transforms into this massive penis (I’ve always been kind of fond of those types, actually). So the flaccid length has no relevance whatsoever to how big he’s going to be when he’s fully erect. You’ll find that there are basically two types of flaccid penises. What kind you have determines whether you’re a “shower” or a “grower.”

A “shower” (pronounced like grower) has a penis that is disproportionally big when flaccid relative to the final erect length, whereas a “grower” has a penis that is disproportionally small when flaccid relative to the final erect length. In other words, when you see a shower’s penis, what you see is pretty much what you’re going to get when it becomes erect; it’ll get a bit bigger, but not much. With a grower, however, you get quite the surprise when he gets aroused. As the penis becomes erect, it will be substantially larger than its flaccid size. As you might imagine, the growers tend to be a bit more sensitive about the flaccid size of their cocks. As a slut, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t make the mistake of assuming that a smaller flaccid penis is going to automatically be a tiny penis when you get it in its upright and locked position. Otherwise, you’ll look like an amateur. According to one survey, about 80% of men were growers, while the remaining 20% were showers, by the way.

Does Size Matter?

You will notice a tendency for men to overestimate and often intentionally overstate the size of their cocks. In reality, the exact size doesn’t matter. And as your instructor, I literally have never measured a cock nor have I asked a guy what size he is. I don’t care. You shouldn’t care. You’re going to have to deal with whatever size he has regardless of what that is, so the specific numbers are largely irrelevant. If you get to the point where you start choosing partners based on cock size, you’ve probably become a bit too narrow-minded (unless you’re just looking to get laid by someone with a huge cock, of course). That would be the same as a guy choosing partners based on how deep or how wide your cunt was, and you probably wouldn’t be too fond of that idea.

If you ask 100 women whether a man’s size matters, you’d get a bunch who says it doesn’t, and the rest who say it does. Given the way the vagina works, as a potential space that can mold itself to anything put into it, size doesn’t really matter to most women, and it likely won’t to you, either. In terms of length, if a penis is too long, it’s going to be difficult to take the full length in your cunt. Longer ones tend to be better for the more aggressive flavors of oral sex (especially for throat penetration), and perhaps for anal penetration. The thicker ones tend to be more fulfilling for the vagina to some women, while they make both oral and anal sex more difficult. So there is a trade-off either way.

The key, however, is making sure the guy knows how to use what he’s got. A large penis doesn’t mean better sex, just because it’s a large penis. Conversely, sex with someone who has a smaller penis, but knows what he’s doing with it, can be very rewarding. Just as with the sizes and shapes, a knowledge and understanding of how to use the thing varies from one guy to the next as well. Once you’re experienced with a variety of cocks, you’ll be in a better position to teach him how to do you with what he has. That is an important skill to have as a slut.

You will find that oral sex on a penis with less girth is a bit easier because you’ll be able to get the entire thing in your mouth. The wider cocks will be difficult to get into your mouth much more than three to five inches (depending on the size of your jaw and mouth), and you’ll likely not be able to deepthroat them at all. Specific techniques for managing these are discussed in a later module.

The most important issues you’ll have to deal with in this area are going to revolve around the psychological ramifications of his perception of the size of his cock, especially relative to others. Men are very, very sensitive about how big they are. This is largely driven by media hype, the presence of larger than average cocks in porn, and the handful of women who claim they “have to have a big one” to get off. This is not terribly unlike supposed male infatuation with larger boobs on women. Many females believe all men prefer women with 38DD size boobs, when the that just isn’t the truth (the average preference is for 34Bs or 36Cs, by the way).

Shyness about penis sizes impacts many facets of a man’s life, to include even being naked around other men at the gym or on a clothing optional beach. It is a serious issue and you must treat it as such. Failure to do so could not only damage your relationship with him (if you’re concerned about that), but could damage his psyche for the balance of his active sex life (something you should be concerned about as an ethical slut). Here are some important tips you need to keep in mind with respect to this:

  • You should never make fun of a guy’s penis size, just as you wouldn’t want a guy making fun of any part of your body. You need to encourage and preach to him that it is far more important that he know how to use what he has than how big it is. I’ve lost count of the number of guys I’ve been with who have larger than average cocks but had little idea of how to use them (that happens with the smaller ones as well, by the way). A lot of men with larger cocks think all they have to do to make sex good for you is to jackhammer you with it – they don’t bother to learn any serious technique. So the sex can often suck and the big cock is for naught. Regardless of the size of his dick, though, he needs to avail himself of instructional material on the use of his tool and develop some self-confidence with it.
  • Some guys are going to have issues with the fact that, as a slut, you’ve likely fucked other men who’ve had larger penises. They may ask you about it (some will even get off on that). You’ll need to decide how to respond to that sort of interrogation. I suggest you find a way to avoid it or not answer it because it isn’t any of his business and generally has no direct bearing on the sex you’ll be having with him. If he persists, you need to discuss with him the rationale he has for his infatuation with the topic and deal with that aspect of it.
  • Some guys think the inability of a woman to orgasm from vaginal penetration is due to the size of their cocks. Explain that this isn’t the case – it has absolutely nothing to do with cock size but individual wiring. The more effective way to get a woman to orgasm is to arouse her more fully (mentally and physically), and that is true irrespective of the size of the penis(es) involved.
  • Large penises are often overrated. Once you get above 6 to 7 inches, the ability to be taken in totally by the vagina and the mouth (and sometimes the anus) gets less likely. A large penis doesn’t mean “best” or even “good,” but rather merely reflects a comparison to other men.
  • Older, more mature men will generally be more comfortable with the size of their cocks, even if they’re smaller than average. Overt infatuation with penis size is a sign of immaturity and inexperience as a general rule.
  • Ultimately, it’s not your job to get him comfortable or happy with his penis size. You can encourage him and let him know that he satisfies you (assuming he does) and all of that. But he’s going to have to come to the realization that his penis is as large as it’s going to get and, short of surgery, there’s nothing that’s going to change that. He has to learn to use what he has. Period. It may get to the point where you have to tell him that outright. Tell him you’ll work with him to find ways to make that cock work for the both of you. An example of this would be explaining that smaller cocks make anal sex much more easier for you as the receiver.
  • If you’re with a guy on a one night stand, you’ll need to be prepared to deal with any size cock. Most of the instructional material you’ll find for the different techniques around the Slut Academy will address any necessary differences related to the size of a penis if it is relevant. Knowing how to handle different sizes appropriately is, again, something a slut should master.
  • If you know a guy has issues with his size and you keep telling him it’s “huge,” he’ll know you’re lying and is going to feel as though you’re patronizing him. Don’t lie to someone about this.
  • If a man has a penis that is too large for you to deal with orally, vaginally, or anally, then let him know if/when things begin to hurt or get to the point where you can’t or don’t want to deal with it. The two of you should work together to figure out how to work around this problem (many positions work better for guys with larger penises than others, for example). Again, many suggestions are included in the instructional material throughout the Slut Academy.
  • A man who is compulsively obsessive about his penis size will likely have some other issues he needs to deal with (like a low self esteem or sense of self worth, etc.) and is projecting these insecurities onto his penis. Or perhaps he’s too drawn into porn and its unrealistic portrayal of sexuality. Regardless, this is the kind of thing a professional therapist will need to address. While you should not chide a guy for having a smaller than average penis, it is also not your role to assuage his insecurities about it.

Erection Firmness

Most guys get a rather stiff erection, but there are those whose cocks aren’t stiff as a board, making the cock somewhat flexible. For some guys this is normal (the larger the cock, the increasing relative lack of firmness, generally speaking), but for others it may portend medical conditions. One distinct advantage that a less than board-stiff cock has is that it is much more pliable, making it easier to flex into your throat once you learn how to deep throat a cock. It can also make creative positioning with vaginal and anal sex a bit more interesting. As I said before, penises are highly individualized. Learn to work with the penis you have at your disposal to make the sex work for both of you.

Pubic Hair

Similar to women, when a boy reaches puberty he begins developing pubic hair. In the male, the hair will cover the base of the shaft, the scrotum, and most of the remainder of the pubic area, to include back along the perineum and the asshole. Some guys will not manage this hair and it will get unruly. You may even end up losing his cock if it gets to be too much of a forest! Fortunately, most men at least trim their pubic hair when it becomes unmanageable. This has the benefit of making things a bit easier to get to as well as making the cock appear larger. Hair can hide a good inch or two of his tool, so if you encounter a guy who’s unkempt down there, remind him of this if that bothers you. Perhaps he’ll get the hint.

The trend these days is very close trimming or complete removal of the pubic hair, especially among younger men. There are probably a variety of reasons for this, including perceived hygiene issues and its prevalence in porn. Just as porn of the 1990s led women to start going bare, so, too, does today’s porn seem to be driving men’s pubic hair proclivities. Many of the men in porn videos these days (including the amateur stuff) have completely bare pubic areas. Additional reasons for this might include:

  • It makes their cocks look bigger (the last inch or so is not lost in the forest)
  • It makes for better hygiene (less smell, less sweat, etc.)
  • It makes it easier to see their cock at work when it’s fucking you
  • It presents a much cleaner, neater appearance in general
  • It means less pubic hair getting in the mouth of the person going down on them
  • It usually results in more ball licking/sucking because the person going down on them won’t be getting hair in her (or his) mouth
  • There’s less mess to deal with after sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal)

And while many men shave the hair off, there are salons and spas that perform waxing on male intimate areas as well. Male Brazilian waxing has become rather popular over the past few years, and involves removal of all the hair below the belt, to include around back, the butt, and in the butt crack (which makes for a much nicer experience with rimming, by the way).

Just as with female pubic hair, everyone has their own preferences. Some like the bare look, some don’t. Regardless, as a slut, it is not your role to judge, but rather to deal with what you’re handed. Personally, I prefer licking and sucking on a cock and balls that are hairless just because I don’t care for having hair in my mouth.

Now, the next module will cover some health and safety issues with respect to those glorious cocks.